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California Creedence began in 2013 as a tribute to CCR and John Fogerty. By 2015, California Creedence decided to expand their playlist to include diverse classic hits that appeared on the billboard top 40 list. This was the first step toward serving a growing fan base.

As opposed to identifying as a classic rock band, California Creedence selected popular songs from various genres. This allowed them to incorporate pop tunes often avoided by cover bands due to complexity. California Creedence persevered in performing billboard top 40 classic (and not so classic) hits regardless of difficulty.

California Creedence moved forward in 2016 to include professional sound engineering so that the music would not interfere with conversations among guests but would maintain enough energy for the dance floor.

By the end of 2016 California Creedence incorporated technology common to professional concerts and shows such as “The Voice” to enhance their performance. The goal was to be as close to the original hits as possible.


This advancement in technology allowed California Creedence to bring a rich large-venue sound to smaller venues and events.


The following years were full of great memories and good times until the pandemic descended on the world. During the year of 2020, all but 2 members quit the band. This trial resulted in hiring 2 new members to replace the three that left. These two brought the band to a new height of expertise and quality to the extent that 2021 exploded with bookings. To date, California Creedence is a high-quality entertainment business staffed by excellent performers.

Although all band members are skilled musicians with hundreds of hours of stage time, our bio does not feature the individual musicians, because that is not who we are.


We are California Creedence.

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