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For public and outdoor events, California Creedence is your choice in professional sound delivery. Your audience will receive a balanced, clear sound that is evenly distributed so that there are no "bad seats" at your event. We can combine quality audio for events that involve sound for speaking and sound for entertainment.

You can't improve on the classics. If a band isn't good enough to play the song as it was originally recorded, they shouldn't be playing it at all. California Creedence's vocalist and musicians will perform your music with consistent authenticity so you can dance and sing along with us!

If you want your special event to be memorable, you need professional sound and entertainment. When you leave the sound and entertainment to us, you can focus on having a great time with your friends and family! We are experienced in event flow and EmCee skills to engage your guests!

Getting our "Cinco De Mayo" on! No matter what time of year it is, California Creedence is ready to celebrate with you! Yes, it is all about you! When you are ready to have a great time, it's time to call California Creedence. We are serious about not being serious! 

Need an EmCee and DJ? Need live music? Do you need both? Of course we can!

We are experienced in weddings and receptions with quality sound, and smooth event flow.

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