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Riverbank 1920's Gala never looked so good! We had such a great time with you!
The lovely Berkeley dressed the part. With the band, she made it a memory for another 100 years! 


Born in 2013 and enjoyed by thousands, California Creedence has attracted skilled musicians to join this mission to provide excellent entertainment.


California Creedence is much more than a tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty.

They are a complete package of Classic Hits with occasional departures to play Country and a few newer billboard hits. All songs are performed with pristine vocals and highly experienced and talented musicians. All of their performances have been carefully crafted over the years to include the songs that audiences know and love.


They are both family friendly and professional event entertainers.


You may start by tapping your feet to the beat, but you just might find yourself getting up and dancing. They bring a fun and festive spirit for you and your friends. After the show is over, you will enjoy the pleasant memories of having had a good time with California Creedence!