"Ya picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel!"

During this year, how many times have you heard a commercial begin with, "during these difficult times..." Well, California Creedence has experienced such with the retirement of two band members. However:

How many times have you heard, "Everything happens for a reason." Well, California Creedence has discovered amazing talent to fill the void of our two valued band members! These new band members may launch California Creedence to new performance heights! Keep an eye out for our new band photo which will be taken at Chester and Push Horse Rescue in Sonora, California!

May 9, 2020 Frontline Concert for the community in Modesto got a wonderful "thank you" from Nadya.

Here is her amazing art work of us at the event. Let's count our blessings as we walk through this together.

How can you get a full concert sound on an open-sided train when it's raining? Hire California Creedence! We had a 141 person turnout and rocked them all on the Sacramento beer train! Whatever the situation is, we will figure it out.


Beer Train, we love you guys. Thanks, Carlos, for a great time!

Sonora Chamber of Commerce Mixer

Had a great time at the Sonora Chamber of Commerce Mixer in the Crystal Room at the Sonora Inn! Excellent high quality food provided by Chef Dave Cook! Valerie Sparks of the most beautiful Wedding Reception Venue in the Sierra Foothills attended, and a special thanks to Katie Dunn for the invite. We had a great time!

With a name like California Creedence you would expect a CCR/John Fogerty tribute band. While that remains one of the packages offered, they have made significant changes for 2020 to offer you the best in live entertainment. 

Now, California Creedence is a "classic hits" band with 4 distinct sets. One set is their "Yacht Set" featuring cool soft rock hits from the '70's and 80's. Their "Starter Set" seeds the event with a feel of "lets get this party started!" Their "Country Set" features Country hits by artists such as Garth Brooks, Chris Stapleton, Alan Jackson, and more. Their "Prime Set" has been carefully crafted with songs that have had the greatest audience reaction and participation. This includes songs from such artists as Wild Cherry, The Romantics, Santana, Tommy Tutone and more.

California Creedence is much more than a tribute band. They are a polished, quality entertainment package for all ages.

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