Many times we are asked how such a small band can make such a big sound.

The answer is quite simple.

We develop song structure and tempo in the studio. Then we construct a pre-programmed show so that there are no awkward breakdowns in rhythm, structure or groove. This also prevents long indecisive moments between songs where cover bands commonly appear lost regarding their song set.

Every single song is carefully crafted and performed to match the way you originally heard it, including all of the nuances and signature parts. After the work is done in the studio, the performers command the stage and bring the music to life!

Sometimes our customers would like to make changes on the fly during an event. Our wireless technology makes that possible. Event managers simply approach the band, make their changes known, and the information is communicated among band members privately through our in-ear system.

California Creedence remains the cutting edge in entertainment technology in the Central Valley!

Did Someone Say DeeJay?

So, Why Is Beat Matching Important?

Our DeeJay service uses "beat matching" which keeps the music pounding to a consistent rhythm with your favorite songs being mixed back to back by an experienced, fully engaged DeeJay. This is very important to maintaining the energy that keeps your guests on the dance floor. Beat matching is programming seamless transitions on the fly with the music that you know and love. Although this technology is typical for EDM music, California Creedence has incorporated it into all genres of music. Seamless transitions are very important so that there are no dance-floor-clearing pauses. Do you want more than just a playlist? California Creedence remains committed to bringing you the latest technology for your classic rock, Emcee and DeeJay needs.

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